Why should you consider Probiotics?

Why should you consider Probiotics? />


Today we are seeing an increase in intestinal digestive disorders and bowel irregularities. We are seeing many people with conditions that have resulted from taking too many antibiotic or steroid courses (counting courses from birth is relevant- not just in recent years), in fact just one course of antibiotics will dramatically alter your microbiome (intestinal area) – reducing the good bacteria and increasing the bad. These bad bacteria can cause imbalances in our gastrointestinal tract that may be detrimental to our overall health and the strength of our immune system. Probiotic supplements will help get this balance right again.

Unfortunately, in today’s stressful and fast-paced world many of us are constantly drained of our body’s natural resources. Every day we are exposed to the likes of pollution, stress, water and food contaminants, antibiotics, pesticides and more that can all destroy the good bacteria in our bodies. Probiotics supplements can replace this good bacteria that has been lost. This constant exposure to things that may upset our good bacteria mean it’s now more essential than ever to provide our bodies with a high quality probiotic on a regular basis.

Consider this: The foundation for good nutrient (food) absorption needs to be rebuilt first-this is done by replacing the friendly bacteria (probiotics); and then providing an environment these bacteria will thrive in (a good diet, and exercise, and fermented/pre-digested foods). So lay the foundation that ensures best absorption and digestion: supplement your diet with high-quality Probiotics. After all, would you start building a house with the walls and roof without first engineering the secure foundations? Once you have built your body’s foundation with a probiotic, you can then concentrate on creating harmony within your body.